Slavonija DI

Solid Flooring

Massive oak ground layer with thickness of 22mm and accomodated to all EU standards. Yearly production of 200.000,00 meters square.

Our productal program inside the factory of ground layers is adjusted to all high demands and requests of the west-European market. Additionally, 95% of our ground layers is exported to countries of the EU. Our massive ground layer is adjusted with all of the guidelines and normative documents. CE sign/symbol and the production led by ISO 9001:2008 makes our buyers comfortable and confident of our quality and sure of our constancy.

Standard dimensions

  • 500mm x 70mm x 22mm
  • 360mm x 60mm x 22mm

Quality standards

  • Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC
  • EN 14342:2005 Wood flooring - Characteristics, evaluation of conformity and marking
  • EN 13226:2002 Wood flooring - Solid parquet elements with grooves and/or tongues

Solid Flooring sales

  • Marinka Mioković
  • +385 35 213 133
  • +385 99 2213 132