Slavonija DI

About us


Success and success only - thats what we aim for. Our production strategy is inclined to a higher level of finalisazion, developing programs that will face the market check-out and stay in a direct communication with every possible desire our buyers have. We desire and want to be first, we want to have products that will not only be our own pride and not only croatian pride of high qualities, but a product that will be famous and accepted in all of europe, and with all its excellence march on all parts of the world.

A satisfied buyer is what matters the most in our strategy, a feature that conquers all other products on the market. Furniture with comfort, which is produced in an area with the best oak wood not only in Europe, but in all of world woods. This is our tradition that has determined what we are today and this is the basis of what we tend and will be in the future. The very same comfort and tradition is the foundation of the brand which distinguishes Slavnoija DI and makes is to authentic. Simply something like nothing else there.

Our "century-old-tradition" is our background, top quality is our source, and you - a satisfied consumer - are our aim. THe program which is presented to you is nothing but a beginning of a new era of, what we believe, your pleasure reflected with the characteristics of our products - products which are designed for your needs and our pleasure of being able to give our customers such furniture which will undisputably suit you the best.

To sum up

Wood industry "Slavonija" d.o.o. is a company which has represented the leadership of wood indrustries.
Over 70% of our products is imported on a highly demanding European market, stressing out the quality of products. A hundred year old tradition is our origin, top quality is our starting point, and you - a satisfied customer - is our goal.


Wood industry Slavonija d.o.o. is a company of more than hundred year old tradition in wood proccessing and is one of the oldest wood industried in this part of Europe. The very first starts of wood proccessing in Slavonski Brod date back to 1890. when "blauet company" - "Slavex" enterprise was established. In 1901. "Slavonija" enterprise was founded, which was after the WW2 merged with "Slavex" and,since then, has been coworking under the name of "Slavonija"