Slavonija DI

Sliced veneer

Slavonija DI d.o.o. have a long tradition in sliced veneer production, first of all European (Slavonian) Oak and Ash. Our production of high quality sliced veneer is adjusted to ecological standards. It is our way to pay respect to hundred year old woods which enabled us to succeed and be present at demanding European market. It is mainly focused on processing of oak and ash from which the veneer of different lenghts and quality is made. 80% of the production referrs to oak veneer and 20% to ash veneer which are both luxury material veneers. Annual production capacity is over 12.000,00 m3 logs. Average sale of veneer, all thickness and lenghts is 9.000.000 m2

Longitudinal classes

Oak (cm) 50-98 100-148 150-178 180-204 206-250 252-286 288-310 312-350
Ash (cm) 50- 98 100-148 150-178 180-204 206-250 252-310 312-350

Sales of sliced veneer

  • Anita ┼Żagar dipl.oec.
  • +385 99 22 131 82